Before carrying out any transactions for new customers we make photocopies of valid photographic ID with name and Date of Birth along with Proof of Address which shows their full name and file away for our records.

If any customer wants to transfer large amounts abroad then apart from the above items we also require evidence of source of income e.g. bank statements, wage slips or saving passbook.

The main items of ID and Proof of Address are required from all customers.

Acceptable IDs:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driving Licence with counter part
  • Any other photo ID issued by Home Office or any other Governmental Department showing Picture, Name and Date of Birth.

Proof of Address:

  • Utility Bill (Gas, Electricity, Water, and Phone) dated within last 3 months.
  • Mobile phone bills as proof of address are not acceptable.
  • Credit Card Statement dated within last 3 months.
  • Bank Account Statement dated within last 3 months.
  • Council Tax Bill for current year.

These measures are put in place to protect you against any fraudulent transactions.


Money Laundering is a very serious International offence and customers should note that any suspicious transactions will be reported to the appropriate authorities in relevant countries without further reference.